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OnePot is a fully automated batch reactor. What does it mean? That OnePot can execute all the operations needed to perform chemical reactions:

  • Dosing and inlet the reagents, liquids, gases and solids.

  • Heating and Mixing through the innovative Matrix in Batch Technology

  • Extract product or “clean” waste

Simultaneously, OnePot acquires all the parameters needed to follow the reaction:

  • Temperature (-20°C / +200°C)

  • pH (0-14)

  • Pressure (0,2bar / 5bar) 

  • Weight (0-15Kg)

OnePot Reveal.png


Hardware able to Automate all the operations needed to perform a chemical transformation

OnePot control system is designed with a revolutionary principle that aims to capitalize on know-how.

​All the machines installed in a workspace operate under the coordination of a single central server, known as HubServer. A single server can manage up to 50 OnePots. OnePot allows you to work both remotely and locally.

Local operations: An operator can work directly in front of OnePot with the 13" touch display mounted

Remote operations: In this mode, we can have OnePot perform an entire Procedure, which is an ordered sequence of Stages

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 13.27.52.png
Screenshot 2023-12-13 at

The Matrix in Batch Technology is an innovative way to control the energy distribution (i.e. heating) directly from the inner of a batch process. Technologically, it is possible by the Spot

This innovative technology is the core of our registered patent: n. IT202000008245A1

A. Caravella, et. Al. Optimization of temperature distribution in the novel power-to-heat matrix-in-batch OnePot© reactor, Front. Energy Res. 10, (2022)

Through our partnership with several laboratories, we have spent over 1500 hours developing various applications of OnePot, and have achieved some remarkable results. From pharmaceuticals to cosmetics to biotech, we have demonstrated the versatility and value of OnePot across multiple sectors.

Time Saved 70-99%

Energy Saved 80-90%

Time for Technology Transfer 5-10 working days


OnePot 1L and OnePot 5L are desktop instruments that can be easily placed on standard workbenches in a chemistry laboratory. The installation process is quick and staff training can be completed on the same day as testing. You only need a home power socket (220VAC) and an internet network to connect OnePot with the HubServer. Once you're connected, you're ready to start. The possibilities are endless and it's all up to the imagination of the Chemists.

Discover everything you can do, 

or rather, what you can stop doing,

with OnePot in your lab.

  • Is there any hidden cost?
    There will be no hidden costs whatsoever. You just have to consider potential delivery charges (if you choose the month-to-month subscription) and extra fees if you want more accessories (e.g. an extra vessel). We at Katakem consider transparency to be very important because it speeds up things for you as well as for us. Therefore we do our best to make sure everything is as straightforward and clear as possible. Please contact us if you are unsure or have any questions.
  • Can I run a test before subscribing?
    Sure! We'd be glad to welcome you in our lab to test OnePot. Alternatively, you can run a 3-month trial in your lab.
  • Do you provide an installation service?
    Yes, it is included in the annual subscription, whereas it costs 987€ when you choose the month-to-month subscription (shipping included).
  • What kind of OnePot do I get when I subscribe?
    "Mint condition" means that the OnePot you get will look and feel as good as new, even though it's been in labs before. This helps us get the most use out of every robot we produce, making chemistry more sustainable for everyone. All OnePots get regular maintenance, their connectivity features are frequently updated and of course professional cleaning inside and out in between members to keep them in prime condition.
  • Commitment
    To end an existing contract, contact us at least 20 days before the next billing period. Once you have notified us via email or a phone call, we’ll help you book a date to return your OnePot. You can of course keep using your OnePot until the return date.
  • Maintenance & Service
    With OnePot's connected features, there's no need to keep track of your maintenance schedule. When it's time for maintenance, we will contact you to schedule a day and time that's convenient for you. Then we'll come to your lab, fresh OnePot up, and handle it back to you. In case anything brakes up, call us and in 48 hours we will be in your lab to fix it.
  • Can I change my subscription from monthly to annual?
    Yes, you can do it anytime. Please, talk to your account manager.
  • What's a swap?
    After your OnePot has been in the lab for a while, we’ll contact you to swap it out for a fresher version. We’ll try to minimise the hassle for you, while ensuring you get a new OnePot. More details about swaps are on the way!
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    As for now, we only accept bank transfer. We are working on offering different options in the near future.

Common Questions

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