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Matrix in-Batch Technology

An innovative way to control the energy distribution (i.e. heating) directly from the inner of a batch process. Technologically, it is possible by the Spot!

The Matrix in-batch Technology stems from observing the critical issues involved in scaling up the working volumes of a chemical reaction.


This results in large investments, both in money and time, required to scale up a process from R&D to production.


The challenge lies not in Chemistry, which can be well understood, but the Physics and Thermodynamics,in which change their distributions inside the reaction volume, thereby altering the results of a chemical process. This is the problem that Matrix in-batch Technology aims to solve.


In a classical in-batch process, heating (as the primary form of activation energy) takes place:


1) externally through the surfaces of the vessel (heated plates or jacket reactors).

2) internally through coils


in both cases:


1) Temperature is monitored by a probe that collects average information;

2) Victorious mixing is required to reach early, which is possible to ensure uniformity in the temperature profile inside the vessel.


The idea behind the Matrix in-batch is to transfer the right amount of activation energies and the proper distribution by controlling the activation energy in a multi-point local and uniformly distributed manner within the reaction volumes.


The extremely simple concept is based on discretizing the reaction volume into an ordered matrix, in which its row and column coordinates can uniquely specify each intersection. Each intersection (Cell) is a point of local manipulation and monitoring of the thermodynamics distribution. This allows the Matrix in-batch technology to standardize a serially replicated process and replicate results across reactors of different volumes.

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at

From a technological point of view, the Spots are the elements that enable the implementation of the Matrix in batch. To make the active matrix interpenetrating with the reaction volume, we need a duly equipped "needle" system.


To know more on Matrix in-batch, check out the paper


"Optimization of temperature distribution in the novel power-to-heat matrix-in-batch OnePot© reactor"

Published on Frontiers in Energy Research (peer-reviewed international journal)

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