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Revolutionary Disruptions
Unlocks  Accessibility and Optimises Efficiency


They all required a "Change."
They all required the brave to put the head out of the confort zone.  


The Digitalisation and Automation of operations drive an ongoing and inevitable Technological Revolution. We must balance the resources we consume for production and those that planet Earth makes available to us, within the limit of never unbalancing the ecosystem as a whole. For this, it is necessary to fragment operations into a distributed network of Production Units capable of supplying what is needed, when, and where it is required, with no waste and only last-mile logistics.We have to move data instead of products!


Katakem aims to develop technology that fully automates chemical process transformation for R&D and production. Our technology will focus on high reproducibility, instant shareability and scale-up, and broad operational flexibility. The technology developed by Katakem has its roots in resource savings, including energy, raw materials and time.


For the first time in history, we have digitised a chemical process that can be forwarded and shared instantly anywhere in the world, where it can be exactly replicated with OnePot.Our initial models, designed for development, showcased the remarkable versatility of our technology. With working volumes of up to 5 litres, we demonstrated its potential across diverse sectors, from biotech to pharma, cosmetics, and polymeric materials (Check out our Use Case section).


Our current focus is on the implementation of the MultiPot system, a highly efficient and scalable automated production unit. With 20 OnePots, each with a capacity of 1000 litres, it is poised to serve a 50km radius in its pharmaceutical application. Taking advantage of the levels of automation achieved, MultiPot will be a fully automated unit contained within a standard container and integrated with a quality control and certification module, a packaging module, a warehouse for raw materials, and a control room for recovering finished products. With a surface area of approximately 1,200m2, we can fit seven on a football field.As it may work in the future, pharmaceutical companies will be able to focus only on R&D. They will develop the recipes on MultiPot and share the data, clearly classified, on a platform to which all production units that pay a fee per volume produced will have access. Once the product and quantities have been selected, they will be supplied directly outside and ready for sale. Since the unit's operation does not require specific skills, in addition to those offered by us with the assistance contracts, the production units can also be purchased as an investment by more general entrepreneurs.


OnePot is a technological enabler for new business models linked to the delocalisation of production, allowing the adoption of process intensification within the current value chains of the industrial chemical sector. This would lead to a condition in which only data and raw materials would be moved, enormously contracting current logistics with all their environmental burden.

From OnePot to MultiPot
On the way to revolutionising industrial chemistry operations


Katakem has achieved a significant level of development and operation with OnePot; we can dimensionally scale our technology to create MultiPot, a unique automated production unit that consists of 20 independent and interconnected OnePots, each with a capacity of 1000 litres. This unit stands out for its ability to provide 20 flexible reaction plants, allowing for a wide range of procedures and processes. Everything is contained within a standard container (approximately 84,000 litres). MultiPot's focus is the instant chemical transformation capability, requiring only input data and raw materials.

Sooner or later, chemists will find solutions to all the problems that affect our Planet and humanity.
Our mission is to provide chemists with the best tech ever to let them achieve this goal sooner rather than later.
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