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A new bar for safety

To help you do what no human has done before. And to be sure you can brag about it.

Every part of OnePot is designed to keep you safe —
whether you are working with it or just happen to be in the same lab.
In fact, our purpose-built autonomous reactor includes safety innovations that do not exist in today’s conventional lab devices. 


Spill prevention

The operator connects the flasks to OnePot.
Full stop.
OnePot loads the reagents in and handles them
in a closed environment.
There's no way the operator can enter
into contact with chemicals during the reaction. 


Fume containment

OnePot works in a vacuum-sealed environment.
No fume, vapor, or dust can escape it
under normal circumstances.
Since you can never be too prudent, we suggest placing OnePot below a snorkel fume hood.


Explosion control

Sensors measure the temperature 150 times per second and, if an anomaly is detected, OnePot tries to turn the reaction off. 
Nonetheless, if an explosion occurs, 105 kg of steel can contain the blasts and protect you from it.

But the best way to reduce risks in the lab
is not to be in the lab

As you delegate all the manual tasks to OnePot, you can work remotely.
Design new experiments, analyze data, write more papers, attend more conferences...

You decide how you want to spend your time.

Good for your health. Physical & Mental.
We lived the lab. We loved the lab. We hated the lab.
As we grew older, the lab routine became boring,
but we didn't want to delegate our tedious tasks to other humans
That's why we created OnePot.
In an industry that has always spoken only about body safety,
you know that that is as important as mental health.
We hope OnePot will help you live a happier, more relaxed,
and more satisfying life.

*yes, Ph.D. students are humans
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