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helping other humans
save all humans.
With robots.



Hey, fellow human!
Join us in reshaping chemistry and making the future happen faster

Our five-stage recruitment process



We review your CV to screen for a variety of criteria.



We conduct online interview to get to know each other better.



We ask for completing a task to assess your expertise.


In-person meeting

We invite finalists to our HQ to spend a day with us and meet the team.



We make an offer to the candidate we feel is the best for the role.


to the team!

It doesn’t matter where you were born, where you studied or where you worked.
If you have KataKata,
we want you on the team. 

Open roles

Mechanical Engineer

Catanzaro, Italy

Software Engineer

Catanzaro, Italy


Catanzaro, Italy

Spontaneous Application

Job Location, TBD

Diversity and Inclusion

We want to ensure we're building a balanced and diverse team right from the get-go, which can be challenging for an early-stage startup. We're doing this by removing bias from our interview process where possible and monitoring the gender and diversity balance in our pipeline so that we can keep it equal.

We are also constantly looking for better ways to create an inclusive and supportive culture. This includes flexible working (we care about output not hours) but we will be expanding this list as we grow.

We realize that we can always improve and so adopt an attitude of trying out any ideas suggested by the team. This means we're constantly trying out new ways to improve our culture. We'd love to hear about any ideas you have!


Dear Recruiters, you are wonderful humans and most of us are thankful to you for the jobs you helped them find. However, it's still too early for us to engage with you on these open roles so please refrain from cold emailing potential candidates - we don't want to waste your time!

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