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Spontaneous Application

Job Location, TBD

About the Role

Our mission is to help chemists making the future happen faster.

If this is your mission too and you think you have what it takes to accomplish it, we are keen on meeting you.


You have an extraordinary talent and you want to use it to make the world become a better, safer, fairer place.

What we offer

We do not have an internal gym or breakfast offered every morning as we are still early stage.

But we are growing fast: if you join us now, you will have a say in what benefits we shall adopt, how we will organize the spaces in the office, etc.

We offer you an environment full of stimuli, freedom to test your ideas, and clear goals for both the team and yourself.

The initial salary is commensurate with your experience and will increase as you achieve your goals and the value you bring to your team grows.

About us

Every day, a research chemist wakes up and knows that they will work with the same tools as Natta and Curie.

On the one hand, this is very romantic; on the other, very frustrating: can you believe that only three times out of ten a researcher is able to replicate their own experiments? And the percentage drops to 13% for someone else's experiments (source Nature).

In Katakem, we consider chemists as heroes and work to help them become superheroes.

We invented a robot to automate their manual labor, which causes mental fatigue and mistakes, to unleash their full potential.

Katakem was founded in 2019, and we are now supported by Berkeley Skydeck, Cariplo Factory, and LendLease on our growth path.

The team of founders has a solid experience in this sector:

Manuela has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. She currently teaches and is a researcher at UMG, where she studies new methods to make chemistry more sustainable.

Marco has a Ph.D. in Materials Science and has worked as a researcher at IIT, KAUST, UMG, and SISSA.

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