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All is needed is the Spot

The Spot

The Spot may look like a simple cylinder from the outside, but it is the technology that enables Matrix's in-batch technology. OnePot 1L has 2 Spot_2C, with each spot having two cells. OnePot_5L is equipped with 7 Spott_3C. Each cell is controlled and monitored independently and has a heater and temperature sensor. Currently, the maximum working temperature is set at 200°C, but it can be extended further with customization. The Spots are designed to cover the entire height of the vessel.

A Vortex-Free Mixing

The rotation of the Spots is responsible for the mixing process. This mechanism ensures uniformity in mass and energy throughout the entire volume of the vessel, even at low rotation speeds. In contrast, a standard steerer or anchor would require a rotation speed of 6000 RPM to achieve the same level of uniformity that OnePot can ensure at 150RPM. The cylindrical shape and distribution of the Spots in the vessel volume make the mixing quality possible. The low rotation speed is also necessary to prevent vortex formation, which can cause variability. When scaling up a procedure or process for production purposes, the mixing process requires no more effort than a conventional approach. This depends on the scope of the mixing, which aims to achieve higher uniformity in a shorter time.

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