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On the left side of OnePot is a panel for connecting the inlet and outlet both for liquids and gases.

The connections are straightforward and need the usage of a PTFE pipe (4mm internal diameter and 6mm external diameter)

Inlet Line for
Compressed Air

Inlet Line for

Inlet Lines for

Inlet Lines for

Equipment for Dosing

 Dosing for liquid and solid is performed by a combination of volumetric and weight control. 
OnePot is equipped with a semi-analytical weight control system (PBD769 AB15) supplied by Mettler Toledo. This tool ensure a sensitivity of 100mg and a scale up to 15Kg.
For fluid handling we have two custom manifold produced by Bürkert. One for liquids, that guarantee by the inlet and outlet pump a volumetric control around 10ml, and one for gases, that is equipped with a specific pump for outlet and a pressure transmitter to control the inlet.

Liquid Dosing

Liquid dosing is performed by controlled by the pump equipped in the liquid manifold. Starting from the amount set in the Procedure, where is also possible to define the timing for the release, OnePot will calculate the time of pump on. By the weight system, if the density information about the reagent is filled in the warehouse, OnePot will check if all is running right!


Each time a liquid is inserted, all the pipes are cleaned by the solvent connected to the slot "Wash" and selected by the user as a function of the procedure he need to run.  

Gases Dosing

Gases inlet is performed as a function of the pressure difference between the inlet line and the vessel. The inlet line has to be set at a value not higher than 10 bar. So, both in the inlet and outlet for gases, a pressure transmitter will manage the gases inside the vessel as the pressure value in the vessel is defined in the Procedure 

Solid Dosing

In the standard version, there is only one insertion line for solid. This needs to be loaded into the appropriate slot located above the head and ground into a powder with a maximum grain size of 1mm^2. Dosing inside the jar occurs automatically using a combination of volumetric control and entered weight. There is a bypass in the inlet path to prevent atmosphere breakdown during the reaction. All unused residues can be recovered from the specific side discharge on the head. The loading top can be easily dismantled to allow cleaning of the loading tank. The rest of the system can be washed directly with a solvent.

Solid Insertion

extraction of unused residue

Select your height

OnePot is the ultimate solution for achieving perfect results every time. Equipped with a state-of-the-art dual extruder system, it guarantees maximum operational flexibility. This cutting-edge technology provides precise control over the insertion and extraction levels of liquids and the insertion levels of gases, enabling you to achieve the perfect operations for your Procedure. Whether you prefer a gentle or vigorous release of liquids or want to create bubbling effects with gases, OnePot has got you covered. Additionally, its unique capability to extract only the desired portion of an immiscible solution makes it a must-have for any Chemical Lab. With OnePot, you can design your reaction with confidence knowing that you have the best technology at your fingertips.

If you need something different, we are open to evaluate customisations

Sooner or later, chemists will find solutions to all the problems that affect our Planet and humanity.
Our mission is to provide chemists with the best tech ever to let them achieve this goal sooner rather than later.
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