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Not as smart as you are.
It just executes your orders 
with speed and precision.

Access all your experiments from your PC or from the movable 13" touchscreen on OnePot

Start your experiments
with 150ml and scale them up to 5L

Ready for contactless reactions?
Liquid, solid, and gaseous reagents are weighed and loaded automatically

Go as low as -30° up and
as high as 200° Celsius

Always get homogeneous, perfect products

thanks to the Vortex-Free mixing technology 

Is bubbling your cup of tea?

OnePot will load the gas

at the height you want

Take a sample 

without interrupting the reaction

Can you do the work-up?

Sure thing.

You only need a cromatograph,

the rest is taken care for you by OnePot


You have made an incredible discovery.

Share the experiment's file

and let others replicate it in no time

We almost forgot to mention:

OnePot cleans itself up after every use.


Do you want to try it?

Be the first to test OnePot
Give us your feedback to help us improve it for the future,
and join a community of innovators.


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